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Download and Install the Circuit Navigator (Beta) App

Our Circuit Navigator system is currently in beta test mode - this means our app is not available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play just yet!


However, if you have received Navi units to test the app can be installed on both Apple and Android devices by following the instructions on this page.

  • You need to view this page from the device where you will install the app.

  • If you install this app you are agreeing to the terms of our Liability Release.

  • The Circuit Navigator app requires the use of one or more Navi Devices. Without connected Navi devices it doesn't do much.

If you want to obtain some Navi's to test contact us.

Please refer to the detailed instructions for Apple Devices and for Android Devices below.

Android: Sideload The Latest Circuit Navigator App

Step 1: Allow Your Device to Use our App File (APK)

By default Android will block the installation of non-Play store APKs. They do this to prevent any malicious apps from being installed under your nose. So first we will tell android to allow apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources, and Turn This On

Step 2: Download The APK

Use your Android device's camera w LENS to get the Android Version. You may have to alter security settings to allow this installation. Use the package installer app to open the file. Once the app is running please allow Bluetooth and Location access. APK LINK

Step 3: Install It

The Circuit Navigator App is now on your phone in the Downloads directory. You have to install it. Open your preferred device file explorer to find it, (usually Google Files), locate the App file "Circuit_Navigator.apk" typically in the "Downloads" directory, then click to install.


You Are Done!: Open the Circuit Navigator app and allow access to BlueTooth and other services required.

CN Install 06-8-2021.png

Apple: Use TestFlight to download the Circuit Navigator App

Step 1: Install Apple's TestFlight App for Beta Testers (Have TestFlight already? Skip to Step 2)

Click this link to install TestFlight. Important: When the page opens please SCROLL down and click the Install TestFlight Link that will take you to the app store! Or you can go to the App Store and search for and install "TestFlight" directly.

Step 2: Install Circuit Navigator Using TestFlight

Click this link to install Circuit Navigator.

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