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Our Navi tester, used with our Circuit Navigator app, provides the next generation of electrical outlet testing and recording. Real-time feedback quickly and accurately indicates wiring problems. Our Circuit Navigator app allows you to identify outlets by name and location and record the results.

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  • Validate existing breaker panel labeling, discover errors and correct incomplete mapping.

  • Detect and identify common wiring problems.

    • Open Ground

    • Open Neutral

    • Open Hot

    • Hot/Neutral Reversed

  • GFCI triggering, works remotely.

  • Built-in Light Sensor to map breakers to lighting.

  • Built-in Vibration Sensor"
    Identify equipment breakers for anything with a motor:
    AC Units, Pumps, Fans.


  • Keep a record of your results.

  • Map all breakers easily.
    Wireless operation means one person can map outlets throughout the facility.

Navi: The next generation wireless AC Outlet Analyzer

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Real-time Testing + Wireless Connectivity = Quick Results + Enhanced Safety


  1. Utilize the real-time feedback to verify breaker panel labeling for enhanced safety.

  2. Before working on electrical outlet, plug Navi into AC outlet and check the Circuit Navigator app to check AC status after flipping the breaker.

  3. Save time verifying incorrect breaker panel labeling and add additional safety knowing the AC power really turned off.

  4. Trigger the Navi GFCI test remotely from the app and get instant real-time indication that the power was shut down by the GFCI.

  5. Before working on lights, leave Navi's light sensor pointed at the lighting load and check Circuit Navigator app to check Lux status to see a breaker controls the light. Our sensor is sensitive enough to detect slight changes even outdoor lights in sunny day.

  6. Before working on appliances such as HVAC, refrigerator, etc, use Navi's vibration sensor and Circuit Navigator app to confirm the power is out on the appliance.

See Instant Fault Indications on the Navi's

As you plug in each Navi get instant trouble detection. Detailed test results are sent to the app, location, time and date stamped, and stored so you don't have to take notes or write anything down!

Navi Side LEDRed.png
Navi Side LEDGreen.png
NoColor LED.png
Correctly Wired
Wiring Problem
No Power At Outlet

The outlet is wired correctly - you are good to go.

Use the app to test the GFCI if the outlet is protected.

Open Neutral

Open Ground
Hot and Neutral Reversed
Something needs to be fixed!

Open Hot
No power is present.
Something needs to be fixed!

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Test Multiple Outlets at Once

Our app connects to up to 20 Navi test devices allowing you to quickly and easily test and map wiring without walking back and forth from the breaker panel. Save time and money.

Generate Complete Documentation
For Every Site You Visit

Show your work! Show your results!
Our comprehensive site report also includes a detailed breaker box map for everything you test and discover.

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