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Now a single person using our Circuit Navigator app and a handful of our wireless Navi outlet testers can stand at a panel and automatically identify AC circuits!

Name and photograph the outlet's you are testing as you go. Ring out a site in less than half the time.



Every Navi automatically tests the connected outlet wiring. Detects seven types of miswired autlet and reported back to the Circuit Navigator app.

You can also trigger local and panel based GFCI circuit tests!


The Circuit Navigator app records the outlet location names, images and test results for every site.


Create an instant site report so you can provide documentation of you work to inspectors, supervisors and owners.

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Our Navi is the best!

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Our "Navi" is an advanced wireless AC test device that instantly checks AC circuits and reports all troubles back to the Circuit Navigator app running on your iPhone or Android device!

Multiple Navi's can be used together to test multiple circuits and locate on your breaker panel simultaneously!

  • The Navi tests for common problems, mis-wiring, missing grounds, etc.

  • The Navi can trigger the GFCI on demand

  • The Navi also has a light sensor - you can check when a breaker controls ROOM lights too!

With a started kit of FOUR Navi's you can test and identify four separate AC Circuits at your breaker Panel. Simply add more Navi's as needed - the more you use the more you can do at once.

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Navigator AC Tester

See Instant Fault Indications on the Navi's

As you plug in each Navi get instant trouble detection. Detailed test results are sent to the app, location, time and date stamped, and stored so you don't have to take notes or write anything down!

Navi Side LEDRed.png
Navi Side LEDGreen.png
NoColor LED.png
Correctly Wired
Wiring Problem
No Power At Outlet

The outlet is wired correctly - you are good to go.

Use the app to test the GFCI if the outlet is protected.

Open Hot, Open Neutral
Hot and Neutral Reversed
Something needs to be fixed!

No power is present - maybe a an unwired hot lead?

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CN screen discover.png

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Test Multiple Outlets at Once

Our app connects to up to 20 Navi test devices allowing you to quickly and easily test and map wiring without walking back and forth from the breaker panel. Save time and money.

Generate Complete Documentation
For Every Site You Visit

Show your work! Show your results!
Our comprehensive site report also includes a detailed breaker box map for everything you test and discover.

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